Danielle Villarreal


Capturing real memories with a romantic, authentic, classy look & feel.


Danielle Villarreal is an American wedding photographer based in Belgium, known for her ability to capture soft, genuine, and intimate moments through her lens. 

As the founder of Danielle Villarreal Photography, she is dedicated to creating images that feel natural to her couples and uniquely beautiful for each individual. Danielle's work is characterized by a nostalgic, romantic, and vintage aesthetic, bringing timeless elegance to every photograph.

 Her goal is to evoke deep emotions and memories, making each moment she captures unforgettable. With a passion for storytelling, Danielle ensures that every couple's love story is told authentically and artistically. 

Whether in the charming streets of Belgium or in stunning destinations around the world, her photography brings a special touch of magic to every wedding.


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